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June 15, 2012

Oil Change

Sears adjustable oil filter wrench
I got the oil changed and the new filter put into the van today.  Had to go get a special filter wrench from Sears to get it off ($13).  No room at the side for the usual wrenches.  Now, I don't need any of the other wrenches.  My 2005 Sprinter takes 9.5 qts of synthetic oil.  I loosened the filler cap on top of the engine but couldn't budge the filter cap with any of my tools.  I got the oil pan bolt out with quite a bit of effort.  Thought I had failed when I saw a bit of black oil seeping out.  Then I knew I had it and unscrewed it the rest of the way.  I ended up leaving it overnight because I couldn't get the filter cap off.

This morning, I went to the auto parts store for a top wrench but the one I got didn't work either.  Finally found a recommendation for the sears wrench and I went to get that.  Once I had the right wrench, it came off without too much more trouble.
Oil filter with housing removed
 Once I got it out, it is evident that this one complicated filter.
Old oil filter -nasty!
 I pulled off the old filter and wiped it clean.  I removed the 3 O-rings and replaced them with the new ones included with the new filter, being careful to seat them in the correct places on the stem.
Filter cap/housing cleaned up with new filter and O-rings
 I put the new filter on the stem and pushed down firmly to get it all the way seated into the cap, being careful to push only on the center where it is stronger.
New filter inserted & seated with 3 new O-rings
After I wiped the bit of oil that was left in the cup in the engine, I inserted the new filter into it's receiver and screwed it down as tightly as my hand could.  Lots more steps with this filter than for a car.

Next up was to insert the new Fumoto valve, F106N for the Sprinter.
 The Fumoto valve has a lever to open and close the valve and a nipple to attach a hose to.  In the future, I can attach a hose to the nipple and put the other end into the drain pan, open the valve and no mess drain!  I put one on my car and it has made oil changes a lot better.
Fumoto valve screwed into the oil drain
Almost done.
Oil filler, cap off
 I wiped a bit of black oil off the oil filler hole.  It has a bicycle looking chain inside and fairly close to the top.  Made it a bit tricky to get the funnel to sit in it.  The top of the funnel is supported by the thing above it.
Funnel in oil filler hole
I poured the first 5 qt container of oil into the funnel.  Then the second one but was more careful at the end to leave a half quart in the container.  I waited a bit and looked at the dip stick.  It showed oil over the bottom of the dip stick.  The red dip stick means that oil is supposed to be measured when it is hot about 5 minutes after the engine is turned off.
New oil - hot engine, 5 mins. after engine off
After I took the van for a spin to warm up the oil, I waited 5 minutes and the oil level is right in the middle of the dip stick.  Perfect!  No sign of leakage around the oil filter or the new valve on the oil pan so this is a success.  Saved myself quite a bit of money.  Next time, it will go a lot easier with the right tools and having done one of these.

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  1. SMART MOVE! The fact that you are completely skilled about oil changing is quite impressive. You definitely nailed the task, my friend! Your initiative has definitely allowed you to save time and money, and you get to learn new things by these experiences.

    Sandy Gonzales


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