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May 26, 2011

Slow Water - fixed!

I fixed the cold water flow on my galley faucet.  A simple pry off the cap, unscrew, take off the handle and the valve under it.  I peered into the hole and saw chunks of lime.  Not terribly surprising since I found a quarter inch of lime in the bottom of the water heater last fall when I emptied it and replaced the completely eroded anode rod.  I sucked up the lime with my wet/dry vac and poured a little Whink Rust Remover to help it.  Then I boiled some white vinegar and gave the valve a good soaking overnight.  Reinstalled and the pressure is much better.

Funnel contraption to pour
Last fall before I started the blog, I filled the water heater with half 5% white vinegar and half water using a funnel I connected to a hose with a screw on fitting to fill it.  Hold the funnel higher than water heater and it fills up despite the drain being on the bottom.  I then turned the water heater on overnight so the vinegar solution stayed hot and all that lime dissolved.  Drain and rinse and it is renewed.  I tested the heating and it works great.  So, now the water system is back in business.

Summer is here with a vengeance today.  Hard to want to do things outside when it is 90 degrees with rising humidity - right on time for Memorial Day.

May 23, 2011

Wiring Woes, Update

I found 2 positive cables that are in contact with one of the rear shocks.  It is hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure that there is some rubbing on the insulation of the wires.  At any rate, I need to re-route the positive cables on the inside of the shocks so they cannot come into contact with the shocks.  The positive cables echo the configuration of the negative - they go from the battery to a junction box under the van where they are connected to 2 other wires, one of which goes to the inverter.  

May 18, 2011

Wiring Woes

3 Wires Fused to Converter NEG Lug
After much effort, trouble, and a few bruises, I have learned some things about my wiring in the van house.  This all started with a blown fuse that blew and sparked every time I replaced it.  The van had blown both the converter and inverter before I bought it.  The dealer had replaced both and spliced a fried wire to the inverter neg.  It worked fine last summer after I bought it but for some reason, it blew fuses during the fall.

May 9, 2011

Refrigerator Blues

Drawer Refrigerator
Last week, I took my 3 way refrigerator (circa 2006) out of my van and did the burping procedure, then tested it. It has no 110V circuit working but the 12V did heat up the back as it is supposed to but I got zero cooling overnight. I think it is dead and not worth trying to repair so it now resides in a corner of my garage until I do something about it. I now have a cavity of 32"x21x23 with no insulation on the van skin and 2 nice vents. For this summer's trip, I think I will go the cooler/ice route but with a better quality cooler than the one I used last summer.