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May 26, 2011

Slow Water - fixed!

I fixed the cold water flow on my galley faucet.  A simple pry off the cap, unscrew, take off the handle and the valve under it.  I peered into the hole and saw chunks of lime.  Not terribly surprising since I found a quarter inch of lime in the bottom of the water heater last fall when I emptied it and replaced the completely eroded anode rod.  I sucked up the lime with my wet/dry vac and poured a little Whink Rust Remover to help it.  Then I boiled some white vinegar and gave the valve a good soaking overnight.  Reinstalled and the pressure is much better.

Funnel contraption to pour
Last fall before I started the blog, I filled the water heater with half 5% white vinegar and half water using a funnel I connected to a hose with a screw on fitting to fill it.  Hold the funnel higher than water heater and it fills up despite the drain being on the bottom.  I then turned the water heater on overnight so the vinegar solution stayed hot and all that lime dissolved.  Drain and rinse and it is renewed.  I tested the heating and it works great.  So, now the water system is back in business.

Summer is here with a vengeance today.  Hard to want to do things outside when it is 90 degrees with rising humidity - right on time for Memorial Day.

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