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August 28, 2012

Thermistor Replaced

The new thermistor came for my Isotherm refrigerator.  They sent a 6' phone cord and they had already wired it to a new thermistor, only this time with a nice flat connection protected by a heat shrink tube.  A much better connection that should be able to withstand some knocking about if it should fall again.  My contact said to use a pencil to poke a hole thru the silicon where the coolant tube and wire goes thru and poke it thru.  It was easy enough to get a hole thru but pushing the thermistor thru was not easy.  I ended up using a 1/4" wide piece of vinyl flashing to use as a fish wire poked thru the hole, then taped the thermistor to it to pull it thru.  

Fishing the thermistor

vinyl tab on the inside to pull it thru

I had to remove the ice pack under the freezer by removing the short screws and nuts on the front right side of the freezer and one of the back nuts.  My contact warned me to be careful of the freezer body as it is integral to the cooling mechanism of the refrigerator and is somewhat fragile,  This gave enough play in the brackets to remove it.  


Then it was easy to push the thermistor into the ice pack where they had installed a tube to hold it a couple of inches into the ice pack.  I put the ice pack back into its brackets and reinstalled the screws and nuts.  
Thermistor into the hole in the ice pack

Thermistor fully inserted

I pulled the wire thru the hole so it was up near the top of the refrigerator but still had a bit of play so it wasn't taut.  Then I wrapped it around the big insulated tube around the compressor as they had done.  I wrapped the many feet of excess wire into a coil and cable tied it to the tube on top of the compressor and electronic unit to keep it neat.  Then I plugged it back into the top RJ11 jack in the ASU and put a label on it to identify it.

The silicon pushed back easily to seal the hole again.  The new wire connection is so good I think it could withstand jostling even if it does fall down again.  I'm making sure it stays with a little piece of aluminum duct tape on the inside.
Thermistor wire wrapped and coiled

Remote switch wire coiled

Lights on!
I put the coil of excess wire for the remote switch on top of the thermistor wire and cable tied it.  That plugs into the bottom RJ45 jack in the ASU.  I put the power back on and tested the refrigerator operation and it worked just as it is supposed to.


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