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April 11, 2013

Mission Creep

In installing my new back splash in my galley, I removed the stove cover to have access to caulk the counter seam.  My stove is the old fashioned type that sits on top of the counter with a 2" lid.  I'd like one of those that sits flush with the counter but this one works great so I have no plans to replace it.

In removing it, I discovered the hinges are rusty.  Very rusty.  And ugly.  I removed the cooktop cover too and discovered a lot of rust in the pan under the burners.  So, I treated the rust with de-ruster, sanded it a bunch and got some high heat paint.  After masking off all the business parts of the burners and counter, I sprayed the pan to protect it from further rust.  I also painted the lid hinges with the bronze paint and oiled them so now they are not nearly as ugly.

I'm not sure why there was so much rust.  I guess it is just the humidity in the air over time.  There was no spill-over mess in the pan.

I finished installing the new faucet and soap holder.  I didn't need to change the water supply lines but the new faucet water lines stick down whereas the old faucet went clear up to the counter.  Being flexible pipe, I just made a bigger curve.  It went in easily.  They give clear instructions.  I like the cleaner look of the single hole installation.  I found a plastic hole cover at Lowes that fit the 3rd hole perfectly.

Cabinet handles and hooks put back on and the galley is back together.  I still need to reattach the spice/towel rack to the wall. I like the matching hardware look a lot better.   The van needs a good cleaning.


  1. Looks great Mary! Makes you feel better too, doesn't it?

    1. Thanks. Yes it does! I always feel good when completing something that also beautifies. Even when there is still more to do. Feels good to get my stairs in the house nailed down too. Even tho I found I have more puttying to do.


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