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November 10, 2013

To the Dump, To the Dump, Dump, Dump

Today, I lined the van with tarps and filled it to the gills with trash. I think it's been almost a year since the last time I went so there are quite a few bags of household trash. The big stuff is the old front door and trim along with the vinyl floor and underlayment from my hall and powder room. I don't pay for trash pickup. I figured out years ago that I just don't produce enough trash to make the weekly pickup fee worthwhile since I recycle as much as I can. The county picks up recyclables at the curb every 2 weeks for free. Normally, I go to the dump at least twice a year but somehow, I didn't this year.

The van is such a versatile vehicle.  I also used my compressor to blow all the water out of the van to have it ready for winter.

Last week, I completed the front rooms in my house with the stairs and railing, including all the trim and touch up. It feels really good to have it all done and looking like I had always imagined it could. Next up is a big purge. I'm starting to pack up some pictures and pots that I want to keep to get the family room cleared out so I can strip the ugly wallpaper and scrape the paint on the trim. After that, I'll go thru my stuff and give away a bunch of stuff I really don't need to have. It is a big job doing that but I will feel lighter when it is gone. And need room to work on the room. My rule is if I don't really love it or don't use it all the time, it goes.


  1. Gorgeous! love your house! I wish we had the option to not pay for pickup ... I am the same way ... my recycle bin is what I use .... very little trash... they will not accept Styrofoam which I avoid but I do like a Sonic Diet Route 44 Limeade ever now and then ;)

    Our water, sewer and trash is all one bill. city stuff I guess.

    Wish I would do what you do... I really do ... I just can't get excited about remodeling until all the 'knowing what's going to happen' stuff gets settled. kids and husband ... always something ...

    outstanding job, Mary ... just so homey and cozy .. love the colors and the floors!


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