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December 13, 2010

The Start

This blog is for my travels in my LTV camper van with my pets, a big dog and 2 elderly cats.  I dubbed my van "The Arleth" because it is a Sprinter van made by the German car company MB and Arleth means Free Spirit.   The van allows me to follow my travel whims and maximize my freedom.  I bought a used (3rd owner) LTV Free Spirit 210B 2006 in July, 2010 with almost 39k miles.

I chose a van camper for the following reasons:
  • Safety: I can jump into the drivers seat and drive off without ever exiting the vehicle if I ever feel like I need to.
  • Ease of driving and parking
  • Fuel economy - the diesel engine gets 24-25 mpg at speeds of 55-58mph.
  • Enough but not too much:  Having the basics of a cabin with me - bed, seating, galley, shower, toilet
  • Having my own bedding - I react with an ugly rash to a lot of hotel bedding
  • Safe temperatures for my pets.
  • Being able to bring my pets along with me means I can follow my whims without having to negotiate and pay for pet boarding or sitters.
  • Ability to boondock in most places.
  • Easy to set up and take down for camping.
  • Ability to load things like full sheets of plywood when needed.
  • Ability to tow up to 5000 lbs.
  • Can use it as a car if I want.

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