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January 27, 2011

Winter Camping in my Driveway

Last night dumped 9.5 inches of heavy wet snow and the power went out at 7pm.
Still out at 2pm today. The house is cold and I have no water because it is on
a well - no power, no pump, no water. I was plenty warm in my bed with my down
comforter. I ran out of battery in my laptop and my cell phone last night.

So this morning, I fired up the generator in my van, plugged in my cell phone and laptop
to charge up. Dug out the snow around the van to clear the exhaust, then a path
to free my car. Made coffee in the van with the water in my filter pitcher from
the house. My thermostat wouldn't come on so after some searching, I found the
fuse and sure enuf, it was blown. Fortunately, I had one and replaced it (after
turning all the power off - gen, battery disconnect) and it magically came on.
Maybe the power issues blew it - the van was plugged into my house. Furnace got
the van nice and warm (thermostat seems to run about 4-5 degrees warmer than air
temps. I found a gal and half of frozen bottled water so it is in the van to
melt for later.

After shoveling, my boots were wet and my feet cold. The furnace dried out the
boots and gloves quickly with them parked in front of it. I put each socked foot
on the furnace front for a minute and my feet warmed up and socks dried so now I
know how to manage my cold feet in the winter. I had a dish in my freezer so I
warmed it up in my microwave for food. This is quite a bit more comfortable than
the last long power outage I had before the van.

What's missing is water - the van is winterized so no water and I didn't have
much around the house. No shower but if power doesn't come back on soon, I'll
go to a friend's house for a shower. I could have some jugs of water if this
had been planned. If the power stays out for more than today, I'll go get some
water. The genny needed to be exercised anyway, so it is good I'm using the
power it provides.

How great is it to have a little cabin right here that can run off grid? I love
my van.

My dog is loving this deep snow. I made her come into the van with me and she
was pretty distressed. She needs to get used to it and is now laying down on
the floor.

I also need to figure out how to fit in a functional desk area for my computer.
The dinette table is ok but a PITA. The front passenger seat is comfy but no
table anywhere. Hmmmm.

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  1. It really is so nice to have a place you can count on to provide the basics! Whenever life was difficult, my van was there to provide shelter. So glad you had your van; you're really weathering this storm nicely!


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