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July 24, 2011

Staying Put

Cache la Poudre River Canyon Rd, abt 7000ft

I'm still camped at my sister's place, plugged into her outside outlet.  It is really hot in Colorado.  Temps have been in the 90s most of the time and sometimes make it to the low 100s.  It was 105 and humid at home so the low humidity here is better.  Seems like most of the country is burning up.

My sister is a very experienced dog trainer and she has been helping me get my dog over her resource guarding attacks on other dogs and has techniques to improve on her lackadaisical heeling and leash walking.  It makes the heat worth bearing to get these 2 problems fixed as well as correct mistakes I've been making.  The dog is doing much better.

Friday afternoon, we escaped 100 degree heat on the plains and went up the Cache la Poudre canyon.  Very pretty.  The river is running very high and still has some trees and bushes submerged.  In the narrows, there was nothing but white water.  The flooding is over now and on the plains, it has abated to show sand banks.
High water - no Rocks!
Cache la Poudre River

Rocky peak at Arrowhead Lodge
I love the smell of the Rockies.  The conifers give the air a delicious smell that brings back joyful childhood memories from all the times we went up into them.  It made me want to go west instead of north and east when I go back home.

I am having mail sent to me weekly by the USPS Premium Forwarding Service.  I've gotten 3 packages from them and it is working out exactly like I had hoped.  For intermittent long trips, it is a good service.  $15 sign up fee and $14.95 for each weekly shipment.  It was less expensive than any other option I could find and there is no address changing needed.  I think one of the permanent address services would probably be better for full-timing but for the intermittent traveller, this is working out very well.

I'm having a lovely time relaxing with my sister and her husband.  Their dog is best buddies with mine now.  I like to cook so I do some cooking and so far, they like it a lot.  We go out other times.  I have AC in my van to keep the cats cool with their electricity they are happy to let me mooch.  The temps cool off at night so I just use my roof fan and window vents then.  I take my showers in their house so I don't have worry about tank filling and emptying, then do my morning ministrations in my van where everything is set up.  I've caught up on my data entry for my personal finances that I got behind on while fixing up the van this spring.

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