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August 7, 2011

Heading out again

My mail packet didn't arrive until 3:30 yesterday and it didn't make a lot of sense to head out at that hour so we stayed at my sister's for one more night.  That meant one more trip to their land for the dogs to play and run.  My dog had a blast fetching in the irrigation ditch and she made it running at 30mph along side the truck.  She "heels" to the truck and has learned to stay away from the front mostly.

Got my clothes and bedding washed, trash emptied, fresh water in the tank and rinsed out the tank and hot water heater.  The van is cleaned up.  My gray tank is full but I can empty the rather clean water out of it on my sister's land on my way out.

I learned out to play golf (sort of) and that it is fun when with people who don't take it too seriously.  I am being sent off with practice whiffle balls and a 5 iron to practice my posture, swing, grip, etc.  My dog might well play fetch with it.  My brother is a great teacher.

I cooked many meals for my sister and her husband to great accolade.  Fun for me and they enjoyed it too.  It was really nice to spend some time relaxing and being with them.  I got my dog much better trained and have made good progress on her food resource guarding with dogs issues.  But now it is time for us to head back home so I can spend some quality time fixing up my house for eventual sale.

We are heading north to SD then east.  Hopefully, it will be cooler in the northern states.

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