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February 1, 2013

Last Day in Paradise

Friday is our last full day in St Thomas. In the morning, we took a little drive in search of t-shirts but it looks like they are mostly in the tourist places so we just got them at the resort. Then we went up towards the north of the island and got some pretty views of Thatch Cay and St John. We also stopped at American Yacht Harbor on the East End.

In the afternoon, my sister got into the ocean for a few minutes. The sea was the roughest yet.  Then my BIL and I went for more body boarding.  I did better but I also got rolled in several big waves.  When I catch the wave right, and can stay on the board, it is a lot of fun. My BIL got tired so he just watched until I got tired. Then lunch. Then I went out again while the BIL watched. The last time, I was a lot better a picking the waves and balancing on the board.  I also learned that it pays to go into the ocean and rinse the sand out of my clothing. :-)

Saturday, we fly back to snow and cold.

This pelican saw a meal!


  1. Beautiful! you go body surfing??? no kidding... wow... what fun... ! love the pictures and love pelicans... ;)

    1. I do now! Lots easier than a surf board.


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