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January 31, 2013

Boogie Board

This is not me or the BIL or St Thomas but it is bodyboarding
Today, we stayed at the hotel and tried the boogie boards again.  I think we got the hang of it.  When you do it right and catch the wave right, they send you smoothly into the shore.  Great fun and decent exercise too.  Lots of misses too.  I think it works if I wait for the water to drop low, then hop on the board because the wave following the big drop is a big one.  More than once, a big wave following really drenched me on the sand.  This is a good way to get a lot of sand inside one's clothing.

We spent about 3 hours out in the surf.  Now, I have a sunburn on my legs because we spent a lot more time out in the sun.  But now that I've looked on the internet, I think we were on them backwards. There's still tomorrow to try it the other way.  I have no pictures of us on the bodyboards because the camera can't go in the surf and we were busy playing.  Turns out people can do all kinds of crazy things with them.  I was feeling all smug just being able to ride them into shore from a few feet out.

We've gotten brief showers most days this week.  It is funny to see most of the people out on the beach get up and come inside as soon as a little rain appears.  Even most of the people in the ocean come inside.  Seems nuts - hello - you are wet already, what's the problem with a bit of rain?  The showers are short so as soon as they come in, they are over.

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  1. Well, jumpin jeeez... I guess I missed these posts... body boarding it's called ... how very cool.


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