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April 12, 2011

The Fantastic Fan is not so fantastic

It finally got warm enough yesterday that the ceiling fan should have come on regardless of the thermostat.  It is sporadic and doesn't seem to work according to the speed control.  I made sure the lid was fully open so that wasn't it but it has to be more open than it did before.  This happened after I cleaned it up of the stink bug carcasses last fall so I must have done something to it.  I'm trying to figure out some way of putting a screen over the top side of it now that the stink bug plague makes that a needed thing.  In the pic, you can see some stink bug carcasses inside the center fan housing (those dark spots).  I haven't found a way to get them out.

When I move the thermostat switch, I can hear it click so I assume that means it is working.  Yesterday, the fan speed switch seemed to go fastest on 2, slower on 3.  I checked the fuse and it looks solid.  If I could figure out what part is not working, I could get a replacement from Fantastic Fan, probably for free.  I looked at the wire connections, thinking I might have dislodged something when cleaning, but hey looked good.  Since moving the lid up and down seemed to make it cut out at times, I wonder if that is where the fault is.

I don't have any documentation for the fan so that isn't helping me.  Any advice would be welcome but this is going up on my to do list with a high priority.  The van needs a good fan as it keeps the van cool most of the time.  But it is cool again so I need to wait for milder temperatures again.

The fix is here.


  1. Boy! The subtitle for this blog could be, "It's always something!" Thanks for sharing the details about what it entails to own a Sprinter van. It's very helpful.

  2. Sometimes I feel that way. In truth, the only problems I have had with the van is the RV portion which can happen in any RV. The Sprinter vehicle is great. Turns out the fan was and is just fine. It was due to a short caused by overheating of the lugs in the fuse board caused by undersized wiring. The fault lies entirely with LTV and not the Sprinter.


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