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September 4, 2011

8/14 - The last of the Badlands and heading east

Badlands oasis

I threw the big rope toy for my dog before heading off to see the last of the Badlands. That 6' leash restriction makes it hard on the dogs. Some campers let their dogs run around anyway and I let mine have just a bit of a romp dragging her leash. She was good and came every time I asked.

I drove south from the campground to see Interior. Not much there but a KOA campground and gas station. I came back into the park and headed up the last bit of paved road I'd not been on. More of the sculpted formations. Very scenic and interesting land. Then it was on the freeway and east. The relentless SD wind buffeted the van but I elected to spend the gas and go at 65mph. There's a whole lot of dry prairie grassland to cover.

I rolled into Mitchell, SD and found the Corn Palace. It was disappointingly made of concrete like any other big building and just decorated with lots of murals made of corn but also a whole lot of wheat grass and pigweed. Hmmmm. I had a very delicious ice cream of pomegranate, blueberry, and chocolate chips, then went into a place and had my first walleye. It is a very good fish. I can see why it is a MN delicacy.
The concrete Corn Palace
By the time I was done, it was getting towards dark so I went to the Cabela's and found a big lot specificed just for RVs, (semis have their own lot) with a huge grassy area perfect for my dog to play fetch, a pond, and a whole lot of kennels. It even had a dump. Very accommodating for we boondockers. I tried several wi-fi connections but didn't get internet until I drove along side an Arby's. I checked email and called it a night. Back to Cabela's for a good game of fetch and to bed.

Route: SD377S to Interiro – SD377N – SD240N – I90E to Mitchell, SD

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