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September 4, 2011

8/17 - Wisconsin and to Marquette

A northern WI Roadside Park

We drove all the way across the northern part of Wisconsin today thru Eau Clair, Ladysmith. Eagle River, and north east to Marquette. MI where we are camped at a Walmart just before dark. Lots and lots of trees in WI that get increasingly more coniferous as we moved north. There were a few plants already starting to get their fall colors but mostly it was very, very green. Lots of lakes too but I could only see a few glimpses of them because of the heavy forest cover.
Deer on the unknown road just over the border in MI

I finally found some cheese curds and WI ice cream. The ice cream was very good. Cheese curds are too. They are just fresh cheddar cheese as they are first curded when made and before they are put into the presses to make the aged cheddar. For dinner, I fried them until they were golden brown. Very yummy. Apparently, the WI way is to coat them in what amounts to an eggless pancake batter, then deep fry them like a fritter. That is probably good but definitely not low carb. I've never seen the curds sold outside of WI. Certainly not in MD.

Route: WI25N – WI85E to Eau Claire – US53 – WI29E to Cadott – WI27N to Ladysmith – US8E to Rhinelander - WI17N to Eagle River – WI70E – unown road – US2E to Iron River – MI95N – US41E to Marquette

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