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September 4, 2011

8/21 - Down the hill to home

I got on the road by 9 am. Just made coffee, walked the dog and took off. I forgot to secure the closet door and the dog got scared. This time, her solution was to get on the bed with the cat. We stopped at the Sideling Hill rest stop and I secured it with a bungee. She then resumed her position in the aisle and didn't try the bed again. We got home at 11am.
Dog taking refuge on bed
Dog in cab aisle

My gravel driveway was in terrible shape with very deep ruts and a lot of gravel at the base. There must have been some really heavy rain while I've been gone. Lots of huge weeds but the grass is not terrible. To my surprise, both the car and tractor started up. I thought after 7 weeks the batteries would be to discharged. I mowed for 1 ½ hours and the tractor handled it fine. A thunderstorm brewed up and put a stop to that.

It is good to be home but there are a ton of chores to do now. Hacking down weeds, mowing, and cleaning up the house being the first priority. I really want to get this house sold so I don't have so much to take care of. The dog enjoyed being home and raced around the yard. The extra cat hid all afternoon while the female camped out at the feeding perch.

Route: I68 to I70E and home

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