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September 4, 2011

8/16 - On the Mighty Miss

The Mighty Mississippi at Wabasha, MN

Tonight we are camped in Wabasha, MN in an overflow lot. It is posted for 72 hours parking and there are a few semis here so it must be fine for boondocking. I found a nearly level spot near what passes for grass. There is a very big field where I could throw a ball for the dog and not worry about distance or traffic for her to get good exercise. The name of this town makes me wonder if there is some relationship to Wabash, as in the river. I was hungry so I stopped at the T-bone restaurant in downtown for a good meal of ribs and veggies. The server said the cook thought it odd but it was a nice mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and peppers. The mighty Mississippi river is still very large up here so far north as befits the drain pipe for the entire center of the country. It is only about 695 feet elevation, dropped from 1000-1200' from the surrounding countryside.
Wabasha, MN camp

We spent the morning with my internet friend eating breakfast, getting a little tour of Rochester's abbey and Mayo clinic along with “Pill Hill” where a very wealthy doctor built a lovely mansion and gardens. After that, my dog did her endless present and fetch, I'll do any trick you ask routine for them in their backyard. They gave me fresh garden tomatoes and fresh catnip for the cats who are drunk on it.

I filled the van with water again. I like to have it full of fresh water because I never know when I might next be able to get good water. Having the water on board allows me to easily boondock in opportunities like tonight's spot. There's a campground in town but they want $35 a night. Way too much in my mind. Especially when there is this spot for free.

With my clean clothing supply dwindling, I opted to stop at a laundromat to do laundry this afternoon. I use those color catcher sheets and do all my colors and darks together. It works well and is a lot cheaper than doing 2 machines. Then off to a Petsmart to get new litter. By then it was 5 pm. I headed for the Wabasha bridge and the quaint town. After dinner, I decided to just stay here for the night rather than risk having to search out a place in the dark.

Around 10:30p a big thunderstorm rolled in and rained on the van. I think the most noise is on the roof fan lid rather than the top of the metal skin of the van. I had to close the cover because water was coming in. At least the awning windows keep the rain out and I can have air flow. It is nice having the cell signal again so I can check on the radar for the storm and see if there are any warnings out (none).

Route: US63N – MN60E to Wabasha, MN

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