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May 3, 2012

Pure Water

Water.  Such a basic thing but vital for life and hygiene.  RV makers usually supply potable water to the cabin with a plastic tank and a water pump that supplies water to a spigot.  It is common for RV'ers to put a filter on a campground's water faucet before it gets to their system.  This is because one simply does not know what the water quality is at any place.  If it's been tested and those tests are published, one might be able to find out with some effort, but largely, we simply trust and hope that water spigots deliver safe water.  And sometimes, they don't.

I prefer to drink straight water when I'm not drinking coffee or tea.  And I like to use good water no matter what.  So having a good filter is important to me.  I got a Big Berkey Water Filter to help in getting pure water with as little ickies in it as possible.  I was clued into it by the Good Luck Ducks who ended up getting a knock-off brand instead.  I got the "Travel" size in stainless steel that holds 1.5 gallons.  It is a little expensive but the filters last a long time.  With the recent revelations that plastics leech stuff into foods and water, I've been staying away from it whenever possible.  Not being able to see the water level is not a huge deal.

I've been using it for close to a year now and am really pleased with it.  The filtered water in the lower canister tastes great and no matter how long I let it sit on the counter, it never has any film in it.  The upper canister does get a film and needs to be washed regularly.  The lack of any film in the filtered canister tells me that the filter really does filter out bacteria.

Last year when I traveled in the van, I had a cooler in the cavity where the dead refrigerator had been.  I strapped the Berkey filter next to it and it worked pretty well.  Now, I have replaced the old refrigerator with a new one so that spot for the Berkey is gone.  Where should it live?  I could empty it and stow it someplace like under the benches but it sure would be nice to have the filtered water available whenever I want it like it is in my house.  And it sure would be nice to have it easily accessible.

I decided that the angled cabinet next to the sliding door would be a good spot for it.  I had been keeping odd and ends there but they could find another home and a couple little things can ride next to the Berkey.

I removed the top shelf to make room for the top canister and had already screwed heavy picture hangers (D-rings) on the sides for small bungee cords to hook onto.  It fit perfectly.  I only have to scoot it around a little to give the spigot room to use it, then back for the door to close.  Two mini bungees secure it and it rode beautifully with the bottom container nearly full of water.  The bottom shelf still can hold my little O2 fan for when it is hot.  I used that more than anything else that had been there during summer.

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