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May 17, 2012

T-Shirt Dog

I feel like I have a new calling -  a dog nurse.  Sit with her and hold ice on her elbows, give her pills, guide her when she gets a bit stuck from the cone head.  Walk her outside on a tight heel to go to the bathroom.  Can't get much else done this way except work on her heel.

I left her in my kitchen with the cone of shame on the head for a couple of hours.  Had to go out to get her more food and get her NSAID prescription filled at my vet.  While at the vet, I asked about their rehab and talked to the therapist.  Everyone at the surgery clinic said my vet had a great rehab facility and great techs to do it.  It's like they have a mutual admiration society.  But I really like my vets so I'll believe it.

The therapist said it would be better if they just do all the rehab and not try to do both clinics for some of it.  They get details from the surgery and coordinate with them on all the progress and what is needed.  She said she already knows what they want done just from the write-up they gave me.  She said they charge a good 1/3 less than the surgery clinic and it is a lot less driving for me.  So, I set it up to have my vet remove the sutures in 2 weeks and start the first rehab session.  We have all our appointments until it is time for the 8 week checkup.  So we are on our way.

The therapist suggested I try putting a long sleeve t-shirt on the dog to keep her from licking her sutures instead of the cone of shame.  So far she's only licked her ankles.  She looks ridiculous but likes it better than the cone.


  1. Awww poor little beautiful girl! She is gorgeous

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    1. Thanks for the compliment. I know nothing about you and your name shows nothing about you or your website. i didn't realize my email wasn't on the blog. It is now on my profile.


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