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May 22, 2012


This is why I love the center aisle floor plan of my van.  I needed to get some molding for my house and some of the pieces were best gotten at 16 feet and others at 12 feet.  The 16 footers came up into the cab aisle but fit just fine on the floor of the van.  Easy peasy.  Even a pickup truck wouldn't be able to haul the long pieces without a lot of difficulty.  Nice that my mobile house can so easily carry parts for my stationary house.  The van felt really smooth driving into town today for some reason.


  1. Aha! Thanks for posting this. I've wondered if a van with that configuration would be good for hauling stuff around town.

    1. It works very well as a hauler. If I take out all the cushions and line the back with tarps, I can get a lot of trash in there to take to the dump. I've hauled 4x8 sheets of plywood carried upright, and it was very useful to help a friend move all but her big furniture. I put in 4 cheap cabinet handles on the underside of the upper cabinets so I could have some lash points for the tarps.


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