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May 2, 2012


Over the weekend, I went up to the SprinterFest East hosted by Sun Motors in Mechanicsburg, PA.  It was a fun and interesting weekend.  There were a lot of innovative people there with tons of interesting ideas.  One guy heated his van with underfloor hot water from his diesel water heater.  While many were commercially built Class B vans like mine, there were several self-built ones.  One was particularly beautiful with custom curved cherry wood cabinets and tile bath and galley counter.

The dealer was very gracious to us.  Not only did they let us camp in their lot as long as we liked but gave us a good lunch and a tour of their repair facility.  They announced a new Sprinter that is rated at better than 25 mpg in a 4 cylinder 7 speed transmission van coming out next year,

I had planned on spending the weekend from Friday evening to Sunday morning in part to see how my new refrigerator worked.  27 Sprinters showed up but far fewer stayed as long as I did.  After getting more details on a seriously solar Sportsmobile Sprinter setup (1400AH of battery bank & 3 very large panels up top), it was lunchtime so the last 4 of us formed a little Sprinter caravan to a restaurant for lunch.  I love talking with innovative people and their experiences and ideas.  I got a lot of ideas for changes I might want to add to mine.
After hours pizza party.  My dog really loved that guy.

Circling the Sprinters
Mine is on the right

There were only a few dogs but mine charmed almost everybody with her tricks and constantly asking for people to throw a toy for her.  She's so cute.  Unfortunately, she started severely limping Sunday morning.  A visit to the vet on Monday showed a bone chip in her elbow so it looks like we are in for some surgery.
Cleanest auto shop I ever saw!
I like the additions to the cab ceiling -  a safe in the center and wood racks over the doors.

Nice cup holder/table up where you need it.

I like this shade/screen fitting so close to the window and fitting inside
the frame
Sprinter caravan


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear about your dog...

  2. Thanks. She is feeling better now so it must do some shifting around. Sometimes yeoowww and often nothing. She can't understand why she can't run around. With it in there, it will hurt again if we don't get it out.


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