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April 16, 2012

And More Painting ...

The gray primer is definitely a better base for white paint than the brown primer is.  On a whim, I decided to go over the outside edges with the same Rustoleum Gloss White paint as I'm using on the interior metal.  Wouldn't you know it?  It matches the original white paint better than the GM Arctic White touch up paint.  Granted, the original paint is a bit drab after 8 years in the weather, but it isn't anything that a good washing wouldn't improve.

All de-rusted and painted    
Today is quite warm - in the mid to upper 80's so the paint will probably dry a little faster.  Still, that oil based paint is slow drying.  I'll do one more coat tomorrow morning just to be sure the metal is well protected inside and out.  The cavity walls and floor are done.  The warm temps should help that paint thoroughly cure.

So warm, in fact, I got the final and 3rd coat on the metal just before dark.  It got up to 88 today with low humidity.  Perfect for rapid paint drying.
Roller catch

Door with new latch

The door latch to my closet broke so I'm trying a roller latch made of metal.  I hope it holds the door closed while in motion.  I also removed all the doors in the hall so when I maneuver the fridge into the cavity, they won't get banged up.  I also took all the measurements so I can start cutting the insulation to fill the cavity around the fridge and make a mount for the remote and thermometer.
Roller on wall

Tomorrow, I can install the new cavity floor.  It doesn't actually touch the metal parts so I don't need to worry about paint melding to it because it isn't cured yet.  The wood/particle board painted parts it does contact are dry and cured now.

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