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April 26, 2012

A Little Cleaning, A Little Insulating

I cleaned out the new refrigerator after a bit of shopping yesterday morning. and put it all together with the bins and racks in place.  It is ready for use.  I was unable to find a replacement for the thermometer I broke locally so I ordered a few new ones of the right size from Amazon.  What would we do without Amazon?  Seems there is less and less choice in local stores.  Then I put the cabinet doors back on.  I removed them to be able to slide the refrigerator down the aisle.  And on to cleaning out the bath and cab.

During my trip last year, the door handle on the sliding door broke.  After I got back, I took off the panel and with the help of some folks at Sprinter-Source.com, I made a patch.  It works most of the time now.  I left the panel off over the winter to make sure the fix worked.  Occasionally, it gets stuck and I have to reach in from the passenger door to open it but most of the time, it is working now.  I really missed being able to use that door while on the road!

Today, I put Reflectix insulation in the door cavity as much as I could.  I put the little squares on the back to make an air cavity, then slipped it in and secured with the aluminum tape.  It's not 100% insulated but it should help.  I balso used a bit of the tape to re-secure some wires that had come loose on the rear side of the door.  Then, after cleaning it, I screwed the hard vinyl box back into the door cavity and popped the cover back on.  There is a fair amount of space that could be used in addition to the box that LTV put into the door, about 2" deep.  Could be handy for thin things.

I found a narrow hard sided waste bin today made by Rubbermaid with a flip lid.  One of the things I prefer to do with the toilet is to keep toilet paper out of the tanks so there is less junk to cause problems.  I actually don't use the black water tank at all but still prefer a container for the #1 toilet paper.  I use cat litter bags (wider than tall bags) and cat litter for the toilet.  Works just as well for humans as it does for cats.  The new bin just fits between the toilet and wall so that will make it a little nicer in my tiny bath.

Soapbox time!  For anyone who thinks it nasty to deal with poop this way, landfills are full of nasty and toxic substances including tons of soiled baby diapers, rotting meat pieces, cat litter, dog feces, and all manner of bacteria.  A landfill is away from human habitation because of this.  Human waste will simply compost away with little damage to anything.  The dangers from landfills comes from all that toxic chemical waste we also throw away because it leaches into the water supplies.  Human waste flushed into the sewers goes into the water supplies too.  That's why we have all those sanitation ponds to try to reduce the impact on the water.  Human waste that is composted is rendered harmless before it ever gets to the water supplies.  The dangers from human waste is when humans come into contact with it more or less fresh because of the potential of bacterial infection.  If you are healthy, then the danger is reduced but we can't know whether someone is healthy or not.  So sanitation is important.  But compost happens and is very hard to keep from happening.  We just need to separate ourselves from our waste as cleanly as possible.

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