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April 18, 2012

Vents Installed

Last night, I installed the new vents.  I pressed the butyl tape against the flange, removed the paper, then pressed the vent cowl into the vent hole.  I had some difficulty with the aluminum backers because I missed the pre-drilled holes, but got them in in the end.  I used a plastic putty knife to cut away the excess butyl tape.  It is kind of gooey and stringy.  The vent flange doesn't fit exactly against the van skin because of the curvature of the wall.  The butyl tape fills the gap so I hope it will work properly.

It rained today and there was no water inside the van, even when the vent part was out and just the cowl kept the rain out.  Yay!
Butyl tape applied 

Before I installed the vents, I installed the cavity floor.  It was slightly higher than the bottom of the vent hole.  When I put in the vent, it bowed a little from the floor.  Since it was getting late and rain was expected, I left it overnight.  This morning, I pulled the floor out and trimmed it so it won't put pressure on the vent cowl.  I also cut the edges for the wires and propane pipe so it will fit the grommet I got for the pipe.  A quick sanding, primer and topcoat finished it.  Tonight, I put the floor back in place and now it fits perfectly with no stress on anything.
First fit of floor

Trimmed floor

I thought I would try the fridge in the cavity to test it's fit but found that the corner of the cabinet is the narrowest part and is an inch too narrow.  Looks like I'll have to remove the door to get it in place.  I'll try that tomorrow to see if there is anything more I need to do in the cavity before I start the insulation.  I didn't get a lot done today because I had to restock my food supplies.

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